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Anti-Oxidization Barrier Grease and Loctite (Tread-Lock)

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Anti-Oxidization Barrier's that Inhibits electrolytic corrosion between dissimilar metals, Like Aluminium & Stainless on Boat Masts
Thread lock (Lock Tight) by Loctite.

LOCTITE's Thread Lock High Strength

LOCTITE's 2700 Health & Safety Friendly 5ml Bottle High Strength
High Strength Thread Lock, Stops bolts, screws and nuts vibrating loose.

(Reference T-LOCK)

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LOCTITE's Lock n Seal 24ml

LOCTITE's Lock N Seal 24ml
Thread Lock, Stops bolts, screws and nuts vibrating loose.
Medium strength-easily undone with normal hand tools.
Seals threads against leaks and corosion.

(Reference HK1370570)

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DURALAC Anti-Oxidization Barrier 250ml Can

DURALAC Anti-Oxidization Barrier Grease 250ml
To prevent electrolytic corrosion ( galvanic corrosion ) on two different metals contact point.
Particularity Stainless to Aluminium

Four reasons to use Barrier's
1. The marine environment is one of the harshest
2. Mast repair & replacement costs £s
3. Once you have it you will use it
4. Piece-of-mind, & you done the job right

(Reference 6575000)


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LANOCOTE Anti-Oxidization Barrier 100ml (4 fluid oz)

LANOCOTE Anti-Oxidization Barrier 100ml (4 fluid oz)
It is extremely effective in preventing and stopping corrosion
on all types of metals under all environmental conditions.
Particularity Stainless to Aluminium & on Electrical Terminals to Prevent Corrosion
Often used on aluminium yacht masts when stainless 316 screws and rivets are used.

(Reference 5-77791)


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