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Treatment for Boats Drinking Water Tanks & Fuel Tanks.

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Online Supplier of: Drinking Water and Fuel Tank Treatments

Fuel Tanks Treatment

Star Tron Diesel Additive 236ml by Star Brite
Helps increase fuel economy.
Makes engines start easier, run smoother.
Cannot be overdosed.
Disperses bacteria without the use of poisons/biocides.
Reduces all emissions, including carcinogenic, particulate smoke- eliminates diesel soot.
Stabilizes diesel fuel for up to two years.
Lowers fuels system maintenance.
Eliminates carbon build-up from burners, injectors and exhaust components.

(Reference SB93108)

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Fuel Tanks Treatment

Carlube bio-diesel 300ml A specific additive to prevent fungus and mildew growth in the boats diesel tank, when the boat is laid up for the off-season. It is one shot application. One bottle will treat a 100L tank of fuel. Neither draining nor cleaning is required.

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(Reference BDA300)

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Boats Drinking Water Treatment

Aqua Clean AC5 100 tablets. Drinking Water Treatment
Every Tablet Purifies 5 liters of water. Kills bacteria
Conserves drinking and potable water for up to 6 months
neutral in odour and taste, Contact time: 2 hours
No chlorine. Make: Yachticon.

(Reference 5219302)

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Boats Drinking Water System Cleaner

Tank & Pipe Cleaner (Clean a Tank) 500ml
By Yachticon.
Cleaner based on citric acid suitable to remove limescale
from tank and pipes. Non-toxic, suggested after a long
period of not use of the system. After employment it's
suggested to use Pura Tank to disinfect all the system.

(Reference 5219150)

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Pura Tank 500 ml.

Drinking Water Tank Cleaner
Pura Tank product without chlorine, suitable to wash and disinfect
water tanks. Removes sediments and odours due of bacterium and
seaweed growing. Package 500 ml. to dilute in water.
Make: Yachticon.

(Reference 5219100)

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